ScooterX Drift Trike

Haven’t heard of drift trikes before? You’re missing out. Just search the term in Youtube and you will come across hundreds of videos of old and young alike drifting down hills at high speeds while riding on converted old tricycles. In recent years the recreational sport has been moving its way out of obscurity with more organized races and professional quality trikes like this Drifter from SCooterX.

Powered by a 196cc 6.5 horsepower OHV motor in the back that can get a rider going up to 40 miles per hour, this trike is by no means just a child’s toy. Not only can it get going fast down the cul-de-sac or local hill, but its plastic-sleeved rear wheels make it so the trike can drift around corners smoothly. While you think that’d spell the end for most folks, riders on this trike can maintain control over the vehicle thanks to its large 16 inch front wheel and disc-brakes. For additional improvements on handling, the team at ScooterX provided this model with a hard molded racing seat on the Drift Trike’s tubular frame, making it so tricyclists can keep their center of gravity low to the ground. Prices on the trike start at $950. [Purchase]

ScooterX Drift Trike 1

ScooterX Drift Trike 2