Schwinn’s Latest Stranger Things Bike Recreates Lucas Sinclair’s Iconic Ride

Over the past year, Schwinn has been hard at work recreating a handful of vintage bicycles from Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things. Each of these eclectic variants harkens back to nostalgic memories of cycling in the 1980s, and now, Lucas Sinclair’s Season 3 Army Green variant has been announced for release.

Much like the 1983 Schwinn Predator from which it was derived, Lucas Sinclair’s two-wheeled transport boasts a vintage BMX-style frame, an easy-to-maintain, single-speed drivetrain, and a set of retro snap-pads that promote safety and comfort. A set of 24-inch wheels, vintage handlebars, and capable brakes accent its eclectic aura. On its exterior, the throwback bike utilizes a battle-approved army green paint, which has been desaturated to mimic the military-inspired colorways of the era. This, paired with the platform’s replica periscope flashlight and utilitarian carrying case, perfectly complements Sinclair’s adventurous character as he traverses that shadowy streets of Hawkins, Indiana. Head to the company’s website to learn more, or head to Walmart’s landing page to pick up one of your own for $250.

Purchase: $250