Schiller X1 Water Bicycle

Dedicated bicycle lanes – when you can find them – aren’t exactly the most spacious parameters in which you can pedal away. You know what’s much roomier? The ocean.

The Schiller X1 is billed as “the world’s most advanced production water bike,” giving you the joys of cycling while cruising along on the open water. The X1’s proprietary multi-speed drive train, twin-propeller design, and rugged, dual chamber pontoons are designed to deliver a thrilling ride while also getting you out from behind those exhaust fumes. Schiller says the whole thing is pretty easy to assemble, transport and store, and it’s designed, engineered and assembled in the USA, featuring a hard anodized powered coated aluminum frame, stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum materials, proprietary two-stage 8:1 gear reduction with Gates Carbon Drive Belts, NuVinci n360 CVP transmission, LED lighting, and integrated steering on the handlebars. $6,495 gets you riding on waves. [Purchase]