SCG 006 Concept Sports Car

The folks at Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus have presented the world with some pretty wild concept cars before – few of which have ever actually seen the road. And while we could take or leave some of the wilder designs, they’ve just unveiled one that we desperately hope to see get built. They’re calling it the SCG 006.

Nose to tail, this thing is a retro beauty – looking like some kind of Frankenstein-esque hybrid of a Shelby, Jaguar, Ferrari, Chevy Corvette and more. And while that could have easily been overdone, the SCG 006 manages still to be elegant and understated. Apparently, Scuderia is actually planning to built this gorgeous sport coupe, as they’ve also announced that it’s set to get a 650-horsepower power plant – though they’re tight-lipped about any other details. Whatever the case, we hope this thing gets made, as it could go down as one of the most beautiful cars to ever hit the pavement.

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