ScarVR Rifle Virtual Reality Controller

While it’s safe to say that virtual reality has altered the face of gaming, it’s also altered the way we play games. Unfortunately, a lot of the hardware hasn’t quite kept up the pace. Thankfully, the folks at BeswinVR have taken a step in the right direction with their HTC Vive Pro-ready ScarVR Rifle controller.

While it looks remarkably realistic, this is not a real firearm by any means. Rather, this one gives you the heft, feel, and even recoil of a real one, except in the digital world. But the realism doesn’t stop there — there’s also an adjustable stock and even a removable magazine, so you can reload in-game the same way you might in real life. Of course, you can also toggle some of these features off for easier playing, which is nice for easing the learning curve. For now, it’s only compatible with the HTC Vive Pro 2.0, but we imagine they’ll roll out compatibilities for other VR systems in the future. The price is set at $485.

Purchase: $485+