Savotta Jaegar Backpack

When it comes to outdoor backpacks, Savotta offers quality gear that’s hardly rivaled by anyone in the industry. Their Jaegar backpack, an improved model of the Light Border Patrol backpack originally designed for the Finnish Border Guard, is one of these offerings. As a result, genuine user experiences were taken into account in the design of the backpack with the best ideas sewn together to develop this very product.

The bag boasts a slim shape, meaning it won’t get in the way, even in the most cramped of spaces; ideal for skiing and hunting. It’s a sturdy backpack to carry and the internal support frame holds the Jaegar firmly in shape as you trek along. There are also compression strap on the bag so even if it is not filled to capacity the bag can be tightened so that it fits firmly. The Jaegar has a filling capacity of 22-liters and is made from 1000D Codura in an olive green hue. It’s the ultimate outdoor backpack. Available now for $230. [Purchase]

Savotta Jaegar Backpack 3

Savotta Jaegar Backpack 4

Savotta Jaegar Backpack 5