Savage Industries EDC Two Bag

Last year, the Mythbuster’s star, Adam Savage, teamed up with Mafia Bags and ended up creating an EDC bag that garnered a very positive response. Savage decided to create a sequel, this time making a smaller satchel while still preserving the tool bag look.

Although this bag is about 30% smaller than the first and won’t hurt your wallet as much, the quality of the bag is still exceptional. Because it’s smaller, the interior pockets hold two pens instead of five and the shoulder web strap has been simplified, although the strength of it has not been compromised. Other than that, this bag is still inspired by Neil Armstrong’s McDivitt purse, still made out of recycled, salvaged sailcloth, making each bag unique, still white, so you can easily find everything, and still made right here in the U.S. In addition, it has a wide spring steel supported clamshell mouth and a base reinforced with para-aramid synthetic fiber, so you can rest assured that it can protect your goods. This high quality EDC bag also comes with a lifetime repair warranty on stitching and construction.

Purchase: $145