Savage Industries EDC ONE

Adam Savage had a bag problem. No matter what the Mythbusters star got his hands on – it never quite fit his needs. Rather than just complaining about it, he teamed up with Mafia Bags to make his very own satchel, the Savage Industries EDC ONE.

Every detail on this American made bag designed by the one-time Industrial Light and Magic builder is considered and intentional. Take the stark white color for instance. Savage ditched the hyper-tactical urban camo feel that’s so popular now and instead went for a more NASA-inspired look. Not only does the white fabric make for a more striking and noticeable bag, but it develops a unique patina over time and makes it easier to locate tools. But the EDC ONE has more to offer than just an eye-catching look. It has a kevlar bottom, stiff handles stitched with interior magnets for snapping together, and a spring-steel insert along the zipper to help prop the duffle open for easy access to gear. It’s an altogether awesome pick that we hope will only be the first in a long line from Savage Industries.

Purchase: $225