Satisfy & District Vision Built Injected Titanium Shades For Fleet-Footed Athletes

Gone are the days when athletic prowess and stylish ensembles were not mutually exclusive, showing the world that mediums like running, hiking, climbing, and cycling could formulate gear that didn’t look as if it were pulled straight out of a 1970s workout program. With more and more companies joining the aesthetic renaissance, two of the industry’s biggest names, Satisfy Running and District Vision, have decided to take the pastime’s edgy eyewear in a new direction.

Satisfy and District Vision’s Koharu and Keiichi silhouettes make their debut under the guise of performance-focused eyewear for the avid runner, but depart from the stereotypical technicality of their counterparts to gift wearers with an attractive shape, structure, and design, perfect for a mid-day cafe visit. But that doesn’t mean that they fall short when it comes to cutting-edge properties. On their exterior, the more traditional Koharu (and stylish Keiichi) are embued with a signature hand-applied tortoise leaf, calling upon an ergonomic form factor and injected titanium technology to maximize ventilation and comfort. Up front, a set of shatterproof polycarbonate limited edition silver-coated DVSR003 lenses has been treated with both anti-reflective and water-resistant properties to keep your eyes protected and relaxed — making the transition from jaunt to jog that much easier. Head to Satisfy’s website to pick up a pair of your own for $218+.

Purchase: $218+