Sandvik Smash-Proof Titanium Guitar

In spite of their association with heavy metal music, electric guitars are actually pretty delicate instruments. And while smashing one makes for a pretty exciting stage show, it also renders instrument completely unusable. The folks at Sandvik — a legendary metal manufacturing brand — have figured out a solution, however, in building the world’s first Smash-Proof Guitar.

Created with input from famed 6-string virtuoso, Yngwie Malmsteen, this guitar is built so damn tough, it is practically indestructible. Sandvik managed this by building it entirely from metal. But they didn’t just use any ordinary metal. Rather, they used titanium powder to 3D-print the body — making it both incredibly lightweight and remarkably strong — and built a through-neck out of a single piece of machined stainless steel. Then, to make sure they were right about its strength, they swung it around — smashing furniture, equipment, and more, but leaving the instrument unscathed. This might just be the most metal guitar of all time…literally and figuratively.

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