These Tungsten Carbide EDC Blades Stay Sharp 4x Longer Than Any Other Knife

Finding the perfect EDC knife requires a lot of factors taken into consideration. But, from a functionality standpoint, the qualities of the blade should be amongst the most vital. That being the case, there’s an argument to be made that Sandrin Knives’ two new silhouettes, the Dellatorre and the Lanzo, are amongst the greatest value propositions around, thanks to the brand’s StaySharp technology.

For those unfamiliar, StaySharp is actually a blade steel alternative crafted from tungsten carbide — a revolutionary material that’s been shown to stay sharp up to four times longer than traditional steel. That in itself, especially when paired with a DLC coating, is enough to put these folding knives on the map. However, they also benefit from Italian craftsmanship, as well as coming equipped with handsome, black-finished machined stainless steel handles, non-locking slipjoint mechanisms, and a number of curious design details — like blade cutouts meant to represent the Fibonacci sequence. Available for preorder now, the Lanzo is priced at $279, whereas the Delatorre is $299.

Purchase: $279+