SAND-X Armored ATV

Switzerland’s Sand-X Motors is a manufacturer of tactical, armored, and special utility vehicles designed to the most rugged of specifications. While most of the vehicles they offer are designed for battle, one vehicle on their docket is made for a bulletproof kind of fun — their SAND-X T-ATV 1200.

The ultimate durable ATV, the SAND-X T-ATV 1200 is built not just to endure jumps from sand dunes, but the gunfire you might incur along the way. It’s boasting B6 Level armor designed for military operations and medical evacuations. Perfect for saving someone stranded deep in the desert, if that’s your mission. An off-road vehicle designed to truck through the toughest of terrains, the ATV can take any temperature (from -50 to +60 degrees Celsius). With a low center of gravity and Kevlar/rubber made track, the SAND-X all-terrain vehicle is a militarized machine that’s ready for battle.

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