Sanborn Canoe Company Old Growth Camp Axe

In regards to camping, especially long-form, an axe is one of the best tools you can have on hand. They’re indispensable when it comes to acquiring firewood, they can be used in crafting shelter or tools, and they can even be used as a self-defense tool against wildlife in a pinch. But, they’re also a fairly common and often plain tool. So when one stands out as both a functional object and a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece, we tend to take note. Such is the case with the Sanborn Canoe Company’s “Old Growth” Camp Axe

Made in the USA from a combination of 5160 grade alloy steel and American Hickory wood, each of these superb axes features hand-drawn, wood-burned, “Old Growth” tree artwork on the handle – made one at a time by Zak Fellman, the founder of Sanborn. So, every single one of these gorgeous axes is a singular marvel of art and craftsmanship that’s different from the next. Made as a reminder to their users to take great care of the world that surrounds them, these $220 campground tools are perfect for anyone that rates functionality on the same tier as artistry. [Purchase]

Sanborn Canoe Company Old Growth Camp Axe 001

Sanborn Canoe Company Old Growth Camp Axe 01