Samurai Carbon Fiber Motorcycle

All Photos: Artem Smirnov / Vladimir Panchenko

With so many artists and mechanics out there building and modifying motorcycles either personal use or for their client’s leisure, it gets difficult to sift through all the noise and find that special build that resonates with our particular style and preferred aesthetic. Concept motorcycles occasionally fall in this lot, this motorbike in particular, due to both its VR-like aesthetic and the fact that it looks like one heck of a fun ride.

Designed by Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko, two individuals who look towards the Japanese approach for design influence (hence the reason we crowned this thing the “Samurai”), this motorcycle follows the principles of simplicity and spatial awareness Japanese brands are known for today. In turn, they looked to transfer these principles into the world of motorcycles, creating a concept that follows Japanese tradition while making it suitable for the future. A sleek profile, minimalist design, customizable features, and what looks to be a carbon fiber build, all make this ride a viable contender for future riders. And while the likeliness this Motorbike from Great Japan ever makes it into production may not be likely, we’re still excited to see what these two visionaries have for the industry in the coming years.