Samuel L. Jackson Motherf*cker Supercut

Aug 18, 2014

Category: Entertainment

Whereas some stars demand bottles of Moet and green M&M’s in their leather-lined trailer, Samuel L. Jackson only requires one thing: at least one “mother**cker” in his script.

HuffPost Entertainment undertook the massive project of finding every single time Mr. Jackson has dropped an MFer on film, and the final count is staggering: 171 times. From the first one he dropped in School Daze to the most recent MF-bomb he uttered in RoboCop, this supercut is borderline unbelievable. Which movies had the most? Jackie Brown with 37 mother**ckers and Pulp Fiction with 26. The biggest surprise has to be Snakes On a Plane only checking in with three. We’d also bet Mace Windu dropped a few MFers under his breath when he saw the script for The Phantom Menace.

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