Samsung & Thom Browne Join Forces For The Ultra-Lux Galaxy Z Flip Kit

Samsung recently enamored the tech-focused consumer with the reveal of the company’s newest foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip. But if the company’s sleek smartphone is already a bit too drab for your fashionable tastes, don’t fret — one of New York’s most stylish companies has been hard at work creating a special edition kit for Samsung’s newest products.

The Samsung x Thom Browne Galaxy Z Flip Kit aims to set a standard for fashionable accessorization, adorning the company’s Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy Buds+, and Galaxy Z Flip phone in an array of subtle, signature stylings. Instead of the phone’s sleek black exterior, consumers will be privy to the lustrous grays and tri-stripe trappings of Thom Browne’s recognizable branding. An equally-astounding watch strap, earbud, and leather case can also be found within the collectin’s stunning box, gifting buyers with an entire suite of red, white, and blue peripherals. But the most interesting aspect of the kit comes in the form of distinct audio cues exclusive to its Galaxy Z Flip phone, utilizing sounds of a vintage typewriter for its keyboard clicks, and an analog landline ringtone to solicit a sense of iconic atmosphere. Look for the collection to release via Samsung and Thom Browne’s respective websites.

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