Samsung The Wall Modular MicroLED TV

If you’ve ever fantasized about what it might be like to own a TV that covers the entire wall of your house, it’s about to become a reality. Samsung has announced The Wall, a modular MicroLED TV setup that’s primed to make all your home theater fantasies come true.

The Wall will utilize a number of smaller, borderless micro LEDs that can be paired, switched, swapped, and placed in a variety of different layouts. The tech is rather intriguing and uses a micrometer-scale that transfers LEDs into modules where they are mass-transferred to a uniform canvas with the ability to mimic QLED TVs. Long story short, you can build as big of a television as you want, mount it to your wall, and enjoy the most cinematic experience known to man. The Wall features ultra-low reflective pure black technology, true color, unmatched clarity, and environmentally resistant properties as well as undefined modularity that allows for true creative freedom. Of course, you’ll have to reach out to Samsung with your desired specs for the price.

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