Samsung’s The Wall Luxury Is A Gargantuan 292-Inch 8K TV

Late last year, Samsung mad our jaws drop with The Wall — a modular MicroLED TV setup to make your home cinema dreams a reality. Now the Samsung The Wall Luxury 8K TV is here, and it eclipses the previous iteration with its massive size and performance.

The Wall Luxury 8K TV is configurable and customizable with sizes ranging from 73-inches to a colossal 292-inches. Thanks to its thin, bezel-less infinity design and customizable décor frames, it can blend in seamlessly to its surroundings. It features MicroLED technology, which uses individual LEDs to create an immaculate picture, leading to bolder blacks. The Wall Luxury is rated for 100,000 hours of playtime and is capable of projecting a peak brightness of 2,000 nits. And its powerful 120Hz video rate provides a premium visual experience unlike any other TV on the market, whether you’re watching your favorite action movie or playing the latest console game. When not in use, the screen can go into Ambient mode and showcase various pieces of curated art. There isn’t a set price for The Wall Luxury yet, but it’s probably going to have a huge price tag.

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