Samsung Space Monitor

Staying organized and keeping the clutter to a minimum is key to staying on top of your game. Samsung is giving you a hand at work with their simple but advantageous Space Monitor, helping you clear out space on your desk for maximum work efficiency to crush your daily tasks.

The Space Monitor has a minimalist, unobtrusive design that gives you 40% more real estate on your work surface. It clamps on to the edge of your desk and can sit straight up against the wall, freeing up plenty of space to jot down notes, enjoy a snack, or scroll through data on your tablet. You can even tilt it forward until it touches the surface of your desk for a closer look. The monitor has a three-sided bezel-less screen and a durable hinge for reliable stability with the HDMI and power cords hidden in the arm for a sleek look. You can choose between a QHD 27-inch model or a 4K 32-inch option. This office essential is available for pre-order today.

Purchase: $500