Samsung Smart Bike

As Albert Einstein once famously said, “Lasers make pretty much anything really badass.” Then he did that whole e=MC2 thing—sadly, sans lasers.

Ol’ Al would’ve really loved to take a ride on the new smart bike from Samsung, designer Alice Biotti, and renowned frame builder, Maestro Giovanni Pelizzoli. Aside from the eye-catching design, the highlights include four laser beams that create virtual bike lanes for you to follow in front of you and be respected behind you; a unique curved frame that nullifies dangerous vibrations caused by riding on rough city streets; a rearview camera that sends live video to your mobile device mounted on the handlebars; Wi-Fi; and an integrated GPS system. Looking to become the official bike of the future, this beauty was recently debuted at 2014 Milan Design week. Watch the video below to learn more about the smart bike.

Samsung Smart Bike 2

Samsung Smart Bike 3