Samsung’s Sero Vertical TV Is Instagram-Ready

Most people feel incomplete without their smartphones since it’s the primary connection to the digital world we utilize to function daily. Catering to our plugged-in generation, the Samsung Sero Vertical TV mimics the design of mobile viewing.

The 43-inch television can pivot between vertical and horizontal viewing for your convenience with NFC-compatibility so you can send content from your phone to the screen. Samsung believes it will encourage more smartphone users to project their content onto the TV for a novel social media experience. In addition to displaying your smartphone’s information, the Sero TV can also act as a digital photo frame or music visualizer. The minimalist device comes with 4.1 channel, 60W audio, OLED 4K UltraHD technology, and Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant. The Instagram-ready TV will launch in Korea at the end of May for $16,300, but there is no word yet if it’s coming to our neck of the woods.

Purchase: $16,300