Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen

Cinema started with seconds-long scratchy black and white films of ordinary occurrences, and screenings baffled audiences across the globe. Movie theater technology has come a long way since then, as we now have IMAX and 3D technology to further immerse us into complex stories and worlds conjured up by those who have learned to flex their imagination. The evolution of cinema continues with Samsung’s Onyx Cinema LED Screen, which is the largest of its kind according to the South Korean company.

Samsung unveiled their 3D-capable Onyx LED screen at Capital Cinema in the Xicheng district of Beijing. The screen is 14 meters wide and delivers unrivaled picture quality, combining 4K resolution, HDR display, and a maximum brightness level of 88 foot-lambert, which is a unit of luminance, that’s almost six times greater than standard movie projectors. It also offers versatility, being able to display a diverse amount of content types, including 3D, but in a higher contrast for a brilliant display of details. Samsung also received help from Harman Professional’s JBL Sculptured Surround technology for cinema sound that’s flawlessly-tuned for LED screens. The Onyx Cinema LED Screen is currently available for movie theaters across the world.

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