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Samsung Deploys An AI-Assisted Vacuum Cleaning Robot With A Built-In Air Purifier

In 2002 Roomba introduced the first mass-marketed automated vacuum cleaning robot, which would go on to ultimately inspire a host of copycats. Over the last approximately two decades, however, there’s been numerous technological breakthroughs in areas like LiDar and AI that have given when to ever-more-advanced vacuum bots, and after previously teasing the model at this year’s CES, Samsung has now officially released what is quite possibly the most cutting-edge vacuum cleaning robot on the planet with the Jet Bot AI+.

Boasting a new, ultra-advanced AI Object Recognition system, the new Jet Bot AI+ is able to identify objects and map rooms and buildings with much greater accuracy than existing models on the market, and can even detect the difference between hard and carpeted floors and then adjust itself accordingly. In addition to featuring a built-in camera for remote live monitoring, the Jet Bot AI+ is also equipped with a comprehensive five-layer HEPA air purifier filtration system that eliminates up to 99.99% of micro dust. Available for preorder now, the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum is priced at $1,299 and is expected to ship in mid-August of 2021.

Purchase: $1,299

Photo: Samsung