Focus On Fitness With Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active2

The consumer’s infatuation with fitness-focused attire has never been reminiscent of a slow burn, and with the fires of the industry’s most sought-after peripherals being stoked by innovative digital accessories, Samsung has decided to capitalize. On the coattails of the company’s renowned Galaxy Active, its newest revelation, the Active2, seeks to reignite the market for athletic smartwatches.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 shares subtle traits with its predecessor, bringing a sleek, lightweight design and Super AMOLED display to the forefront for interested parties. But, what makes the watch truly special are the additions of both a rotating digital bezel, which allows you to turn, touch, or tap through the device’s various amenities, and an updated architecture that goes far beyond the drab capabilities offered by the industry’s leading proprietors. Instead of tracking minor attributions like steps and calories, the Active2 boasts an extensive range of referential traits like real-time stress documentation, sleeping analysis, and guided meditation/fitness programs that are catered specifically to you, based on its readings. For more information, head to Samsung’s website.

Purchase: $279+