Samsung’s 5G Galaxy S20 Ultra Shoots 8K Video & Has A 108MP AI Camera

Thanks to the dominance of Apple, Samsung’s Galaxy lineup has had a hard time stepping out of the iPhone’s shadow. However, it looks like they’re taking a massive leap in the right direction with their new and fully 5G-ready Samsung Galaxy S20 series of smartphones.

As has been an ongoing trend in smartphones, the Galaxy S20 is all about its camera system. In fact, this new generation has one of the most impressive sensor arrays for any smartphone we’ve ever seen — boasting still shots of 64MP with AI assistance, 8K video support (both shooting and casting), 30x zoom, and expandable storage of up to 1.5TB. And that’s the base model. At the top of the range, the S20 Ultra boasts a monstrous 108MP Ai-assisted array (the most powerful Samsung has ever put in a smartphone), an innovative folded lens system offering up to 100x zoom, and so much more. Plus, they’ve included a new Single Take Mode — which utilizes the onboard AI to batch-shoot images in a number of formats and lets you pick out the best. The brand likely isn’t going to topple Apple with this single release, but they’ve certainly closed the distance between them.

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