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Samsung’s Newest Galaxy Buds Keep You In-Tune With Your Surroundings

The disruption in many manufacturers’ production and development cycles has wreaked havoc on the tech space, but as we head into the tail-end of the year, we’re starting to see brief glimpses of greatness. Samsung, for example, has announced an updated line of accessories to take on the biggest competitors in the space, offering buyers quintessential tablets, smartphones, and of course, a set of highly-anticipated earbuds.

Despite their untimely leak over recent months, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live wireless headphones have finally been announced — officially, that is. They’ve been introduced as a more “immersive” iteration of the brand’s Galaxy Buds Plus, and feature an unconventional bean design that won’t block out vast segments of sound like Apple or Sony variants. Instead, they’ve been imbued with a system that isolates low-frequency sounds that might make your listening experience lackluster, while still allowing more prominent audio — like voice, alarms, horns, etc. — to slip through. The Galaxy Buds Live also boast a six-hour battery life, which can be extended to 21 hours via their included charging case, IPX2 water, and sweat resistance, and an interesting Voice Pickup Unit, which makes them an attractive proposition for those interested in live recording, voice clarity, and the like. The Galaxy Buds are slated for release on Samsung’s website for $170 on August 6.

Purchase: $170