Samsung’s Mirrored Smart AirDresser Steams & Cleans Your Suits

Sometimes hybrid inventions seem unnecessary, but Samsung’s latest smart device combines two everyday tools to make life a little easier. The Samsung AirDresser blends in well with a contemporary living space, functioning as both a mirror and clothes-cleaner.

The AirDresser is built to eradicate dust, harmful pollutants, odor, and micro dust. You’ll wake up to fresh garments that are wrinkle-free, so you’ll look and feel good walking out the door to start your day. You can even use the My Closet App to customize your clothing care, which allows you to enter up to ten different modes at a time. Take care of your suits, wool garments, uniforms, bedsheets and more by selecting courses that are recommended based on clothing material. Samsung aims to make your everyday routine run smoothly with its smart AirDresser, taking another step into the future. There’s no release date or pricing information at the moment, so stay tuned.

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