Samsung Unveils The World’s First ‘Infinity Screen’ Bezel-Less 8K TV

Samsung’s innovative technologies have always been at the forefront of whatever industry it is they complement, and with the advent of a new decade, the company’s future has never seemed brighter. At this year’s CES, the monolithic manufacturer unveiled a new generation of 8K QLED televisions, setting the bar for the medium’s already-extravagant in-home picture boxes.

Calling Samsung’s latest creation a modern television might be an injustice, considering its standing as one of the industry’s first 8K QLED variants–and possibly its first bezel-less contender. The Q950TS, as it’s been dubbed by the company, revolutionizes the in-home viewing space thanks to its ultra-thin form factor, genre-leading surround sound audio, and AI implementation, calling upon bespoke smart home integration, machine learning, and a Tizen-powered platform built to optimize audio, video, and smart capabilities. But, aside from the TV’s impressive functionality, it’s also the first 8K offering to boast a screen-to-body ratio of nearly 99 percent, pairing with an acutely-slim 15-millimeter silhouette to create an awe-inspiring Infinity Screen effect. But, what happens if you aren’t viewing 8K content? The Q950’s next-generation Quantum Processor will analyze and identify virtually every pixel on your screen to upscale it in a pristine manner. Stay tuned for pricing and availability information at a later date.

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