Samsung 1TB eUFS Smartphone Chip

Take a look at how quickly cell phone technology has been miniaturized since the technology was invented and we think you’ll be pretty impressed. Still, there’s always more ground to cover. For instance, Samsung just unveiled a development that stands to alter the entire smartphone landscape: the world’s first 1TB eUFS chip.

Short for “Embedded Universal Flash Storage,” this chip is essentially an onboard hard drive for smartphones — and it’s a huge improvement over the previous 512GB iteration, effectively doubling the capacity of next-gen phones. For reference, most phones nowadays offer around 64GB of storage, which can hold roughly 13 ten-minute 4K video clips. This one will be able to store 260 clips of the same length and quality. It’s also said to be able to transfer data at an incredible rate of 1,000 megabytes per second — 10 times faster than typical microSD cards. On the production line right now, we should see this impressive technological advancement in smartphones as early as this year.

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