Samsung’s Huge 110″ MicroLED TV Is Nearly 100% Screen From Edge-To-Edge

Samsung first unveiled its MicroLED technology back in 2018 with something it called “The Wall.” Made up of a series of modular components, it could be configured to the user’s liking, all the while delivering some seriously impressive visuals. However, given its professional install requirements, it really only made sense in business and luxury applications.

With the launch of a new 110″ model, Samsung is finally bringing the MicroLED TV to the masses. And it promises a truly special viewing experience. For starters, it relies on micrometer-sized LEDs rather than the backlight and color filters of conventional displays. In practice, this means that it delivers 100% of the available DCI and Adobe RGB spectra, resulting in incredibly lifelike colors and brightness. Coupled with a 4k display comprising some 8 million pixels, it makes for a picture quality like no other. But that’s not all — the flagship TV also features a 99.99% screen-to-body ratio without a bezel or black matrix. In other words, it’s a truly full-screen display. And thanks to its embedded Majestic Sound System, the MicroLED TV is good for 5.1 channel audio without any need for an external speaker. On sale now in Korea, it’ll hit global retailers come 2021.

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