This Is What Land Rover’s Defender Looks Like As A 4×4 Adventure Van

No stranger to penning truly amazing and outlandish automotive designs, Samir Sadikhov’s influence is such that he’s even worked with some of the auto industry’s biggest players, including names such as Lamborghini and Hyundai. With his latest work, we take an immense leap forward in the field of 4×4 practicality by looking back to the recently-retired Land Rover Defender.

Already well-lauded for its incredible off-road performance and utilitarian build quality, there’s little one could do to improve on the iconic Land Rover Defender (or so we thought). However, leave it to Sadikov to find hidden potential for a much-needed, cab-over-engine upgrade. With the Van Defender’s snub-nosed facelift comes a number of changes, including mid-mounted doors, go-anywhere tires, and ample interior seating. Though the Van Defender retains the 90 model’s three-door entry, it sports a longer wheelbase reminiscent of the 110 platform. Add in a slew of lightbars, a large roof rack, and some protective brush guards, and what results is a rugged rig ready to take on whatever adventures you have to throw at it.

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