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A Quartet Of Stunning Handbuilt Kirkham Cobras Are Headed To Auction

When it comes to classic American race cars, few are quite as impressive and iconic as Carroll Shelby’s Cobras. They’re so legendary, in fact, that a man by the name of David Kirkham — whose obsession started in 1994 when he restored an original Shelby 427 Cobra — began building his own tribute “continuation” models. And now four of Kirkman’s most unique offerings are headed to the Barrett-Jackson auction block.

While most continuation cars don’t quite measure up to the originals, Kirkman’s creations have a leg up, as his company actually presently supplies Shelby with car bodies, lending to the company’s impressive craftsmanship — which is only furthered by the quality of the cars you see here. This particular quartet, from legendary Texas-based Ford dealer Sam Pack, is comprised of a 2013 Kirkham Daytona Coupe, bronze-bodied 2011 Kirkham 427 S/C Cobra, copper 2010 Kirkham 427 S/C Cobra, and aluminum 2009 Kirkham 427 S/C Cobra. And all of them are in exceptional, ready-to-drive condition and are looking for new owners that will appreciate their stunning good looks and racing pedigree. If you’re interested, these four racers hit the auction block in Scottsdale from January 11th-19th.

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