Salvo-12 Shotgun Suppressor

Who said rifles and handguns should have all the fun? With a plethora of accessories and add-ons available for these two types of firearms, it almost seems like the shotgun didn’t get the invite. Yes, of course, they’re simpler firearms which doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for modification but hey, sometimes a little suppression never hurts.

Introducing the Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor, the first commercially-viable shotgun silencer of its kind (according to Salvo). This level of innovation represents a significant advancement in after-market technology. It’s engineered to work with all shotguns and ammo readily available in today’s market. The Salvo also offers a bit of modularity as well, enabling the shooter to adjust the sound suppression, weight, and length to their desire making it the ideal attachment for anything from waterfowl hunting to sporting clays to home defense. At its full length, the sound is brought down to 136.8 dB, below the 140 dB OSHA hearing-safe threshold. It also reduces the recoil as well, making an afternoon at the range that much more enjoyable. Available now for $1,440. Check out the video below. [Purchase]

Salvo-12 Shotgun Silencer 3

Salvo-12 Shotgun Silencer 4

Salvo-12 Shotgun Silencer 2

Salvo-12 Shotgun Silencer 6

Salvo-12 Shotgun Silencer 5