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Salty’s Surfboard Coffee Tables Are Hand-Built By An In-House Shaper

We’ve all got our favorite furniture companies, but for those hoping to procure a piece that’s a bit more personalized, things can get a bit complex. If you’re in the market for an awe-inspiring centerpiece for just about any living area, however, Salty Furniture has you covered with its bespoke, made-to-order surf tables.

Drawing inspiration from the age-old art of surfboard design, Salty Furniture seeks to blur the lines between the sport’s trusted platforms and modern interior adornment, resulting in a handful of tailor-made tables and in-home decor catered to the intricacies of the surf culture. Each bespoke offering begins its life as a numbered blank before being shaped, stratified, colored, and frosted by the company’s professional craftsmen — providing exceptional attention to detail, and promoting a personalized product that differs from individual to individual. These mid-century modern examples are available in three distinct styles — The One, B59, and One XL — and are available via Salty’s website for $649 and up.

Purchase: $649+