SALT Self Defense Gun

Everyone wants to keep their family safe, and while many of us believe guns are the best to way to do so, not everyone can get behind the idea of owning a traditional firearm. Armed with the belief of, “A firearm shouldn’t have to take a life, to protect a life,” the SALT self defense gun was created.

While the gun itself looks similar to your more traditional pistol, Adam and Andy decided to completely rethink the bullet. Instead of lead, SALT fires a specialized pepper spray round that’s filled with a powerful toxin, opening up on impact, and causing anyone within the vicinity to become incapacitated. And due to the fact that the ammunition creates an incapacitating cloud, you don’t necessarily have to hit your target to stop them. The gun offers a range of 150+ feet, compared to the 6-10 foot range provided with more traditional pepper spray. After a successful IndieGoGo campaign, the Chicago-based designers have finally take the product to retail. Check out the video below.

Purchase: $349