Salt Point Canned Moscow Mule

Moscow mule’s are one of the most popular cocktails for a good reason. They’re refreshing, uncomplicated, and are a good way to get a buzz going. Even then, it’s not always feasible to bring with you everything you need to make one to a barbecue, beach get-together, or other gathering of folks. And with Salt Point’s canned Moscow Mule, you don’t have to.

Made with a combination of American vodka, spicy ginger, and lime – this simple drink is made even easier by breakout alcoholic beverage brand Salt Point. But simplicity and portability doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a punch. Measuring up at 10% ABV, this libation is a little heavier hitting than your average canned cocktail – but is still as pure and wonderful as the Northern Pacific landscape from which it draws its inspiration. And, if you can find it, you can get your hands on a 4-pack for just $18.

Purchase: $18