Salomon’s Recyclable Running Shoe Is A Giant Leap For Sustainable Sneakers

With the shoe industry taking dramatic strides to reduce its impact on the earth, the medium’s most prominent manufacturers have marred the best route to take to while minimizing their carbon footprint. With Salomon’s connection to the outdoors, it seems only natural that the company would follow suit — and now, they’ve revealed the first step in their sustainable plan.

Earlier this year, Salomon shook the footwear world by announcing that 100-percent of its newly-designed products would be catered to “one or several of the company’s circular economy principles by 2025,” making the brand’s first recyclable sneaker both an honorable endeavor, and definitive forerunner, for proprietors who hope to make the daunting transition. The outfit’s fully-recyclable running sneaker will utilize both a sole and upper crafted from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), alongside cushioning qualities said to rival the industry’s leading EVA variants. To keep the runner’s feet ventilated and comfortable, a breathable upper has been implemented to accent the shoe’s lightweight, material construction, producing an example that extends the lifecycle of used materials by up to 10 times, and moves the company closer to its goal of substantiated sustainability.

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