Salomon Mesh Custom Running Shoes

Just like a set of hands, our feet are – unsurprisingly – unique to us in size, shape, and arc among other characteristics. Why then, are we forced to settle for shoes that are outfitted in arbitrary sizes to where we must adapt our curvature and size to their design? Good question right? Well, it’s one that Jean-Yves Couput – Innovation Director at Salomon – hopes to answer with a vengeance through the implementation of their new Mesh program.

Basically, Mesh is a program that enables anyone to purchase a pair of road or trail running shoes custom fit to their particular foot shape, style of running, and most frequented terrain. Up until now, it’s only been sponsored athletes who’ve been afforded this luxury, but now this tech is made available to runners the world over. Here’s how it works. Salomon will build a knitted upper with a polyurethane skeleton based on information gathered from a 3-D scan of the runner’s foot. From here, buyer’s can then opt for one of three drop heights and two densities of EVA foam along with their desired traction for the shoe based on intended use. Average prices per shoe hovers around $360.

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