Salomon Goes All-In On Sustainability With A Recyclable Running Sneaker

While many of the clothing world’s proprietors are searching for ways to create a better, more sustainable product, issues still arise. Footwear, in particular, presents an interesting challenge, due to its material complexity. After researching optimal ways to recycle and reuse for over three years, Salomon has finally found the answer — its Index.01 Running sneaker.

The Salomon Index.01 is a product of its environment, both literally and figuratively. Elaborating on the brand’s thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) research and technology, this simplified shoe was proposed as an alternative to ease wasteful production practices, utilizing two materials that could be separated and recycled at the end of the shoe’s life. As a result, this cutting-edge road-runner was birthed into Salomon’s lineup, promoting a nitrogen-infused INFINIRIDE lower, a recycled polyester, and an easily-repurposed, water-based glue to hold everything together. Like Salomon’s originally-proposed TPU offerings, the Index.01 can be ground into tiny, reusable pellets once it’s reached its final days, removing the processes of burning and/or landfill pollution. Head to the brand’s website to learn more.

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