RYU Locker Pack

If you have the kind of routine where you need a sleek, compact bag to carry all of your workout gear, your options are pretty slim. One of the few bags out there that checks all of these boxes, however, is the Locker Pack from the Vancouver based athletic company RYU.

The bag has a minimalist, and almost origami like look to it. Yet while a lot of attention to detail was spent making sure this bag looks good, what really stands out is how it preforms. The entire front section of the bag zips open, making it incredibly easy to pack all of your gym clothes. Once you zip it up and clip down the top, it’s ready to take on anything the city throws at it. With an exterior made from a proprietary OutLayr treated 16 ounce cotton canvas, a lid made from 8-ounce Australian loomed canvas, and an interior liner with 30D nylon fabric, it’ll keep water and dirt from getting at your gear even through the worst storms. To top it off, the 24-liter bag has a special compartment for a 13-inch laptop, and can easily fit inside and hang at your local gym’s locker. Grab one for $190. [Purchase]

RYU Locker Pack 1