Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener

Never wake up the neighbors or your sleeping family again thanks to the Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener with Wi-Fi capabilities. Boasting a sound 20 percent quieter than the competition, this garage door opener stays true to its name and also includes a total of five modules available for the system.

Each product is connected and integrated with Wi-Fi, which allows each user to operate it directly from their smartphone. And as stated above, what really makes this technology special is the company’s modular system. The Ryobi hosts capabilities for a Bluetooth speaker, a laser based park assist device, small electric fan, carbon monoxide alarm, and retractable cord reel. Clearly the possibilities are vast, whether you want to listen to music while working in the garage, cool down the area on a hot summer day, or be sure to never scratch your vehicle again. It’s powered by a 2-horsepower motor and can lift any garage door without breaking a sweat. It’s also battery powered, so you’re allowed continued access to the garage even when the power goes caput. The Ryobi is available now for around $280. [Purchase]