Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler

Most coolers can keep food, sodas, and frosty beers cold for hours, if not days. And most of the time, that’s just fine. But in the middle of the sweltering summer when the sun seems to hang in the sky much longer than it should, it might also be nice to keep yourself cool, too. With Ryobi’s new Air Conditioned Cooler, you can accomplish both at the same time.

With 50 quarts of internal space, there’s plenty of room for all your barbecue essentials, brewskis, and then some. It also has a separate hideaway lid compartment for electronics, sunglasses, or anything else you don’t want to carry on your person but can’t stash on ice. But the best little feature on this baby is the onboard A/C unit that’ll keep you cool for up to four hours will a full charge of the included battery or can be plugged in directly for continuous use. Whether you’re bringing the burgers for tailgating, grilling in the backyard, or hoofing it out to the beach, this $199 hybrid A/C cooler will do you right.

Purchase: $199