Rylo 360-Degree Camera

360-degree adventure cameras are a dime a dozen. Established brands and copycats alike are all churning out a slew of these fancy gadgets. But they’re not all created equal. One of the few worth paying attention to? The Rylo Camera.

What sets this apart from its peers isn’t the frame-rate or high quality lens – but the software the camera comes packed with. Made by the founders of the popular Instagram app Hyperlapse, this pocketable camera boasts a truly wild amount of potential. Want to track a person or object while filming? You can select them using the accompanying smartphone app and the camera will automatically edit a video into a 16:9 ratio at 1080p. This works either while the camera is still, or while it is moving. And for those who often find themselves running around while trying to capture video – Rylo provides users the option to automatically stabilize the shot making for much smoother, professional looking footage. All things said, this camera is so intuitive it’ll allow you to capture the moment without having to step out of it.

Purchase: $499