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This Suzuki CS-1X Motorcycle By RYCA Motors Was Built Using AR Technology

Customization is part and parcel to the motorcycle industry. As much time as manufacturers spend designing their models to be attractive finished products, they’re equally as eager to market their platforms’ customizability. After all, everyone enjoys making their bike distinctly their own, even if they’re not prepared to bust out the ol’ angle grinder.

Sourcing parts in such an accessory-laden market is a roll of the dice on the best of days and a shot in the dark on the worst of ’em. With countless aftermarket components coming from just as many manufacturers, there’s bound to be some hiccups. But California-based RYCA Motors feels that enough is enough. With the development of their proprietary Fantom View software, they’re bringing augmented reality (AR) to the motorcycle customization scene. In doing so, RYCA has made it possible to test color combinations in real-time, visualize exploded views, and check for pesky clearance issues. And this isn’t just some marketing gimmick — in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the build that put RYCA on the map, they’ve built this sweet little Suzuki Savage cafe racer. As a perk of their crowdfunding campaign, early Fantom View investors will receive their own limited edition CS-1X kits.

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