The RUX 70L Is A Rugged & Versatile Rigid Tote Built For Outdoor Adventure

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Tote bags are some of the most utilitarian and commonly used vessels for transporting gear, and though both highly versatile and affordable, these bags lack the durability and protection from the elements present on more robust hard cases and rucksacks. Recognizing both the merits of the classic tote bag, as well as its obvious shortcomings, RUX has reinvented the item for the modern outdoorsman, resulting in the brand’s RUX 70L tote.

Measuring 15.7” x 19.5” x 13.8”, this hybrid-style vessel packs 70-liters of waterproof storage space and is fully collapsible, thanks to the use of a rigid rim and corners mated to a hardwearing TPU-coated high-tenacity 840D nylon shell. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the RUX 70L tote also boasts a clear side window, a compressed coated EVA foam lid, and a bevy of straps, handles, loops, and tie-down points that afford the RUX even more versatility, allowing it to be carried as a tote, worn as a backpack, or mounted to a vehicle or roof-rack. Despite tipping the scales at under 4.5lbs, this collapsible rigid tote can accommodate up to 50lbs of gear, too. Available now, the RUX 70L tote is priced at $265.

Purchase: $265

Photo: RUX