Russian Burlak ATV

Say what you want about Russia – they sure know how to make impressive all terrain vehicles, and when we say ‘all terrain’, we really mean it. This 7.5-yard long Burlak has been engineered for the specific task of driving to the North Pole. Yeah, driving.

Fashioned from an old Soviet BTR-60 armored vehicle, this explorer is meant to fit a team, a kitchen, shower, and sleeping areas. To protect from the deadly cold temperatures, the crew heavily insulated the vehicle along with making all of the engine components and systems accessible from the cabin. In addition to driving around through heavy snow – this monster uses a rear propeller power through bodies of water, and has a hull strong enough to push through ice. The group will put the vehicle to the test during a three week trek along the Baydaratskaya Bay in northern Russia, and have slated their expedition to the North Pole for 2018.