Russell Crowe ‘The Art Of Divorce’ Auction

Russell Crowe has always been one to put on a good performance. The Australian actor has pleased crowds in films as far back as the early 1990s with performances in films like Romper Stomper and Proof. Now, ever the entertainer, Russell Crowe is putting up a large number of his personal effects for auction to finalize his 2012 divorce and he’s named it ‘The Art of Divorce’.

Consisting of over 200 lots, the collection most notably includes memorabilia from his films including the violin used in Master and Commander, the stunt Cuirass worn in Gladiator, and even a full functioning replica roman chariot from the same film. There is a lot more here than just those pieces of silver-screen history, though. Crowe is also auctioning off some stunning and highly valued paintings from the artist Charles Blackman, a slew of guitars, and 27 of his personal watches including examples from Rolex, Omega, Vacheron Constantin, and Longines. We’re never one to take pleasure in someone else’s pain, but from the looks of the poster advertising the event, Crowe looks more than happy to get it all over with.

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