Runge RS Racer

Absorbing its surrounding scenery with its mirror-like finish as it zips down the road, this ‘50s style racer is a metallic masterpiece. Former competitive snowboarder Chris Runge specializes in building vintage-styled aluminum race cars with his bare hands and his Runge RS racer might be his best work yet.

The curvy silver road surfer pulls from the design framework of the Porsche 718 RSK and Porsche Spyder, as well as Maserati and Ferrari details. It has a two-seat leather-trimmed cockpit with a steel tube frame, bolt pattern Wide 5 wheels, vintage mechanical components, a qualifier tank, and a removable canopy. Under the hood roars a newly built air-cooled flat-four cylinder engine capable of a cool 159 horsepower. At the moment, Runge is taking three orders per year, since each car takes roughly 2,000 man hours to complete. You can get a hold of Runge for pricing and see if you can get on their list for an incredible custom build.

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