Rumpl Puffe- Electric Blanket

With the weather decidedly on the colder side of things, campers everywhere are looking for ways to stay outdoors longer while keeping warm. Look no further, adventurers. We’ve found the perfect solution in the Rumpl Puffe- Electric Blanket.

The story behind this product is actually pretty interesting. Over a year ago Rumpl got together with Ravaen, and Power Practical, a down jacket and battery company that also got their start on crowdfunding platforms. In their meeting it dawned on them that there was an opportunity to combine all of their expertise into one new product, an electric blanket built for the outdoors. The blanket, which comes with either down or synthetic insulation, features a carbon heating system that is powered by a Power Practical charger that you can bring with you anywhere. This small battery that doubles as a lantern or phone charger can provide up to 10 hours of heat to the blanket on low, 6 hours on medium, and 4 hours on high heat. The durable nylon exterior is made to be waterproof and ripstop so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart during your travels. The blanket is due to be released in July of 2017 at the price of $250. [Purchase]

Rumple Puffe- Electric Blanket 1

Rumple Puffe- Electric Blanket 2

Rumple Puffe- Electric Blanket 3

Rumple Puffe- Electric Blanket 4

Rumple Puffe- Electric Blanket 5

Rumple Puffe- Electric Blanket 6