Rumpl Modern Blanket

Rumpl Modern Blanket 1
While it seems like the whole world is focused on making more devices ‘smart,’ basic staples of our society have kinda been given the shaft. Take the blanket, for instance. Has anyone even tried to improve that thing since the first one was knitted by Michelangelo? (Not positive about that factoid, btw.) Enter Rumpl, a modern blanket that doesn’t need any USB ports or LEDs to convince you of its tech credentials.

Rumpl is made from high-grade nylon which resists water, stains and odors, unlike cotton comforters. The synthetic down insulation makes it totally washable, and the makers say Rumpl will be as breathable as it is tear-proof. It’s light and compressible, and you can air dry it or throw it in the dryer. It’s basically made from the materials that go into the best outdoor jackets (excluding Members Only) and sleeping bags. [Kickstarter]

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